Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Twilight Phenom....

Okay so I admit I am totally sucked into this Twilight thing that is taking over the world hahaaha. I've read all the books and I have even read the one that leaked onto the Internet, the one thats in Edwards thoughs(its marvelous) I find myself daydreaming of becoming a vampire.. they make it look so sexy!! I'm a total Nerd I'm not ashamed it!! I cant wait at all for the Movie to come out November 21st cant come soon enough!!! hahaha is anyone else out there as big of nerd about as I am???

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Melarie Wheat said...

I'm glad i checked myspace this weekend or I would totally missed that you had a blog. Are you going to post any new pictures?

Thanks for reminding me about the Edward book online, i completely forgot about it.